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Thursday, June 28, 2012

120428 Prize-Giving Day.

... I'm starting to slack off when it comes to blogging again *headdesk* I really need to get my blogging mojo back ;_;

Anyway, we had our typical prize-giving day. Also, it was practically the last time that I visited my secondary school. I just don't have that kind of habit - and time - to visit my old high school, it's nothing personal, really.

Arrived just before 8, registered, sat in my seat, shifted around to talk to friends, got ordered back to my seat by the teacher-in-charge, stoned while waiting for all the juniors to be done, then it was finally my turn to go up. Got my plaques and certificates for 10A+ and Best in Additional Mathematics. Since the ceremony was over and done with, we started snapping photos. Then suddenly, they announced the top scorer awards and my name was called. Ivy had a panic attack because I shoved my DSLR into her hands before running (more like tottering in ridiculous high heels) towards the stage, hahah. But luckily, she could handle the camera in time and managed to snap a photo of me ♥

And then we wanted to go out, but then coincidentally, Bersih 3.0 was being staged that day. So we couldn't go to the usual hangouts in the city, and that left 1Shamelin. Sadly, I couldn't go due to transport issues.

It was good seeing you guys again :') We need to plan another reunion (and not after like, 10 years okay)!

... I just realized I'm posting about this event 2 months later. Argh. Procrastination, please go away~

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