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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

College Updates.

I'm going to start off my blogging comeback with a post of random college stuff before I blog about those events with dozens of photos.

Disclaimer: Some (actually most -.-) of these photos do not belong to me.

cr: Ivy.

This was taken on the first day of college! We (Ivy, Priya, Shalini and I) stuck together throughout the two days of orientation. We ended up going to different classes though.

cr: Ivy.

This was taken at some jewellery exhibition thing which I went with Ivy and her sister, Diorene. It was right after college, so we had to change our clothes in the KL Convention Centre's toilets :o Anyway, it was fun to ogle the models :x

First class photo!

This was for Chinese New Year. The other cohorts wore red as well, and the college was populated with people in red :D

cr: Ivy.

During our photo shoot for schools. I remember we were super stressed out over what to wear because the dress code was smart casual :D

cr: Ivy.

Taken after we did community service for the first time at Rumah Hope. The travelling was crazy and we could only do an hour, so subsequently we switched to SPCA. Nevertheless, it was fun to play with the kids :D

Our (sort of failed) Headgear Day.

Less than half the class came with headgear :( But never mind, there's always a next time! :D

cr: Esther. My group, Hyper Helium! :D

Orientation camp! It was super fun and I had the best time of my life there. I had my very first experience sleeping in tents :D

Blue Day!

This was less of a failure than Headgear Day. Woots!
It was also Priya's birthday :D


First outing with college friends! We were celebrating Priya's birthday :D

Performed and participated in MCKL's Treasure Hunt. Dancing was fun :D The hunt itself was super tiring, because we had to go to several locations (MCKL,KL Sentral, Ampang Park, Times Square) within 4 hours and search for the answers to the clues.

cr: Ivy.

Second outing with the buddies.

cr: Ivy.

Yen Ling and I lost a bet with Ivy, so we had to wear double ponytails and Ivy's special polka dot headbands -.-

 cr: Priya.

Taken after our Chemistry Edexcel exam :D My first time sitting for an exam at night (8 to 9.30pm). I feel so bad-ass, haha.

cr: Sherwin.

Celebrated Priscilla's birthday during our one week break before the C2 exam :D

Phew. That was a lot of work. I might have left out a few things accidentally, but this is pretty much my 5 months of college summed into 1 post.


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