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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

2012 Memories.

HELLO. Did you all miss meeeee? ;D

I'm in the midst of studying for the Edexcel exams in January, but I decided to dust off the ol' blog for the first post of the year! Obviously, I failed last year's resolution I made to blog more. I blame A-levels. Actually, I take that back, I blame myself. I just didn't bother with blogging *cough* Lazy Michelle.

Okay, standard recap post! :D
Check out my 2010 and 2011 recaps if you feel like it!


  • Entered college! Got to know so many lovely new people ♥ Got involved in societies such as Editorial Board and Dance Club as well :D Got used to the new study environment and new syllabus.

  • Went for Orientation Camp! SO MUCH FUN. We went jungle trekking in pitch darkness, stream trotting, listened to abstinence talks, woke up freezing in the cold morning, played lots of water-related games, stayed up till the wee hours and bonded with each other ♥

  • Did my very first community service with a bunch of friends at Rumah Hope. Loved it, but unfortunately we couldn't continue due to transport and timing problems. Good experience though, we were playing more than working actually :x
  • Watched my first fashion/jewellery show! Thank you, Ivy ♥
  • Removed my braces! Like FINALLY. After like what, 4-5 years of wearing them? Ugh. Hello, food, let's be friends again! Also took away my hair's virginity by dying it.  

  • Orientation Ball! One of the best nights in my life, I think. Good food, performances, dressing up and partying with friends. What's there not to like?
  • Went for my driving test. Unfortunately, failed the slope section  *smacks head*

  • First outing with college/SBU friends for Priya's birthday! 

  • Sat for my very first test in college; the Qualifying Test. Gan jeong okay. 
  • Finally obtained my driver's licence. But not allowed to drive alone yet T_T  
  •  Collected SPM results! Felt so thankful for the 10A+'s! Thanks to the Lord! Went out with old high school friends, it was great to see them again :D
  • Treasure Hunt! Fun, but very very tiring. Also, performed a short dance for the opening!
  •  Appeared in a national newspaper for the first time! Exciting max. 


  • Got my baby DSLR :')
  • Met up with Leo :D
  • High school's prize-giving ceremony. Received Best Overall Student for Science Stream award :')
  • I think this was trials month. Relatively un-happening month.

  • Went to SPCA for community service. Brings back memories of Ivy wanting to kill me for making her clean cat poop, hehehe.
  • Edexcel exams! Also, the first time I encountered the crazy freezing temperature of the hall -.-
  • First college semester break! 
  • Planned a birthday surprise for Priscilla. And amazingly, it worked. Muahahah.
  •  Hung out at Ivy's and Yen Ling's. It was FUN. 'Nuff said.
  • Cut bangs/fringe! Best decision ever, hair-wise.

  • Still the holidays for me. Yay~
  • Sleepover at Yen Ling's. Went to playgrounds (yes, playgrounds with a S) at night, found a cute dog, camwhored, ate amazing bacon cookies, slept till the afternoon and baked sugar cookies. Bliss.
  • Went to the indoor theme park at Berjaya Times Square with Yen Ling, Shal and Ivy. Because we had free tickets. Heh. Yen Ling and Ivy curse Shal and I so much when we were riding the rollercoaster and the DNA mixer. Got scared like crap when we went to the Haunted House. 
  •  Attended the Jayesslee concert! Great performance. Didn't get to meet the twins, but at least we took a photo with Andy! :D Also, met The Ming Thing :D
  • My trusty ol' Nokia Expressmusic died on me T_T But on the plus side, new smartphone! S3 babeh~~

  • Second college semester commenced!
  • Moved to the college hostel, because accomodation is paid for by the Ministry of Education, as a part of the bursary programme I am under. Learnt to live with my lovely housemates.
  • Joined the Leo Club, definitely a first for me. 
  •  Midsummer Masquerade! Awesome night with awesome company. My very first time dressing up in costume! I chose to be an angel, haha. The dress shopping was a headache, but everything turned out fine in the end :)

  • Had a surprise birthday celebration for Ivy! All of us got dunked in the pool ._.
  •  MY BIRTHDAY! Most memorable birthday ever :O I got tied up and blindfolded, hahah. Thanks, guys, for organizing the very very unexpected surprise ♥
  • Olympics fever! My housemates and I were watching the Chong Wei vs. Lin Dan badminton match on the laptop. And we were shouting and cheering at the top of our voices hahah. 
  • Attended Tanabata Festival. Interesting night of Japanese culture :)
  • Fell down the stairs and sprained my ankle. Epic display of my klutzy self.

  • Hello, QTs, we meet again T_T
  • Watched my first horror movie in the cinema with Ivy. The movie was Sadako. And it was extremely disturbing.

  • Went for the Jung Il Woo fanmeet at Times Square with Ivy! My first fanmeet ever. The crowd was huge. Did the craziest (and possibly the stupidest) thing with Ivy; we ran up the huge escalator (which wasn't even working,btw) from LG to 1st floor, just to catch Jung Il Woo as he entered the Holika Holika shop. My legs ached like hell the next day, but that's a small price to pay.

  • Trials! T_T 12 papers T___T
  •  Went for comm serv at Zoo Negara! SO MUCH FUN. We got the giraffes and elephants section, so our workload was relatively light. We cleaned giraffe poop, bathed elephants, fed the giraffes, cleaned the sidewalks, toured the zoo (for free! one of the perks of being a volunteer) and stayed on 'stand-by' (actually, just staring at visitors, like jobless people) for hours.


  •  Went for my last music exam. I say last, because I've quit it. I just can't seem to pass the exam. Plus, I don't wanna waste my parents' money on lessons. They're really expensive :s
  • Attended Crossroads Festival! Awesome performances from the Music Club (Y)
  • Went birthday gift shopping with Yi May and Kay-E. Had loads of fun picking out funny gifts XD
  • Attended MCKL's annual musical by PAC, Music Club, Dance Club and the PA Club. I enjoyed it :D 


  • Study study study study. Less than a week to Edexcel exams! D: 

So that, my dear readers, concludes my wonderful 2012. May 2013 be a better year! My resolutions will be up in a separate post later.


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