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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

2013 Resolutions.

Last year's resolutions:


  • Study hard for A-Levels.
  • Pass driving test to get P license.
  • Get to know more people.
  • Blog mooooooore & revamp blog template. [UTTER FAIL. Only 12 blog posts in 2012 -.-]
  • Enhance my photography skills. [feels sort of the same :/]
  • Stop procrastinating and finish up the 30 Day Letter Challenge... and start a new challenge. [pshhh]
  • Stop staying up late so much. [yeah right, exams or no exams, I'm still a night owl]
  • Dye my hair burgundy (or a similar shade).
  • Go on a road trip. [the opportunity never arised :(]
  • Learn how to draw eyeliner (because I suck at girly things like makeup.) [didn't bother. but I learnt how to apply nail polish properly!]
  • Learn at least 10 new songs on the electone.
  • Be happier and healthier.
  • Take up another language. [just, no.]

I failed more than 50% of my resolutions for last year T_T Maybe I should set fewer resolutions. But then where's the challenge in that, right?


  • Study diligently and get all the A's for A levels.
  • Seriously, BLOG. Or just shut it down. Hmm.
  • Bring the DSLR out more often and take more photos.
  • Take better care of myself.
  • Stop being so negative and don't get stressed over the little things.
  • Go on a road trip/holiday trip with friends (after A-levels)
  • Learn Mandarin.
  • Read all my unread books.
  • Spend more time with le family and friends. 
  • Make an effort to dress up on weekends. 
  • Go out more! Except during exam periods, obviously. 

Okay, fingers crossed. May I achieve all of the above by the 31st of December, 2013. 11 goals is pretty achievable, right? I think so...

Toodle-doo, the books are demanding for my attention :(

Happy New Year once again, guise :)

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