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Sunday, February 03, 2013

{ 5 Things } #2

Hiya, it's time for { 5 Things } again :B

#1; The end of the January 2013 Edexcel A-Level exams!!! 

All my post-its for Physics Unit 4 .____. I feel so free after the (almost) month-long exams :D I also survived my first quarantine session! One thing about exams is that the evening after my paper, I just sat down at my desk and stoned. I didn't know what to do, I was so used to studying for like the past 2 months T_T College started the day after our last paper, so yeeeaaaaah. Back to business.

#2; My timetable for this semester.

This semester's timetable is so relaxed :D Yay for 10 o'clock classes!! I especially love Tuesday because seniors don't have to attend Pre-U Society anymore (Y).

#3; This Facebook post by my Malaysian Studies/Moral Studies lecturer.

(His name is blurred for his privacy)

It made me tear so much T_T So touching! It makes me miss him, but not the subjects. Heh.

#4; My high school's 2012 yearbook.

I borrowed it from one of my juniors.There was an article about the SPM 2012 results day, and my (crying) face is there! I feel so proud, haha.

#5; Super-cool gel flooring and a piano staircase at Times Square.

Are these not the coolest contraptions ever?! I can spend the whole day playing with them *jakun*

Okay, the post ends abruptly here! It's barely been one week of college, but I feel like I've been back forever. And I already have to start studying intensively for my monthly tests and Qualifying Test. Oh, the life of an A-Level student~ T_T

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